The new farm laws promise to of farmers in the next 2 years by relying on the deregulation of the market. But most analysts and critics say this might not work and, in fact, the income of small to medium farmers (comprising 80% of the farmers) might reduce by upto 40%. Which is a substantial hit.

If you want to directly understand the problems click here
TLDR; The farmers’ concerns are genuine and India needs much more.

As you might know, Farmers are protesting in India near the capital of Delhi, since last November. …

Amidst central government’s plans to ban cryptocurrencies, there arises a really compelling reason on why India needs its own digital “rupee”

Image showing 5 Rupee coins being metaphored to digtial currencies
Image showing 5 Rupee coins being metaphored to digtial currencies

India is a country where cash circulation amounts to whopping 5 lac crore rupees. With technologies like UPI and the tech boom, digital payments are on a stark rise📈.

The total global market cap in the world for cryptocurrencies is more than 2 trillion USD (It doubled in the last two months alone), two-thirds of India’s annual GDP 🤯 this tells a lot! And our government is planning to ban the use of cryptocurrencies. …

Bots once built to brute force and gain access to accounts are now being used to create posts and comments on public forums and social media.

Below is my speech I spoke on for English Speaking Skills test.

We have all seen in movies, that a guy with a hood in a dark room, rummaging the keyboard, presses Enter and whole internet is down. He can then control and spy on people and much more.

Is this all even realistic and possible? Are we in a new war where 1s and 0s are firing through fiber cables toppling governments??


A scam that actually (kind of) works!

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Homeopathy — all of us might have heard about it. It is a very famous alternate form of allopathic (normal — as we define it) medication; in the same category as the like of Ayurveda. People mostly argue that it is “fake” and scientifically baseless, while there are some people who I personally know who praise its effectiveness and say it is very effective.

This raises the Question — Is Homeopathy real?

Except the medications it might just be real!

First a little on the history of Homeopathy and what they claim it…

I will be showing you the fastest way to install a fully functional WordPress website with an auto-renewing free SSL certificate in less than 3 commands. Let’s get started.


Make sure you are using Linux or Mac for installing WordPress. If you are deploying a website you might be using a virtual machine in the cloud for the same. Stay tuned for another post on how you can get 2 free VMs forever on Oracle Cloud

We will be using an open-source tool called Easyengine for installing and managing WordPress.

Some of the world’s best zoos offer the visitors to see in front of their eyes animal species that might be impossible for them to see in the wild, ever. A zoo or Aquarium visit provides an opportunity to get mesmerized by the beautiful and diverse wildlife at one place.

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that claims it does not track its users and provides organic search results and ads that are not personalized to you. This is my experience of using DuckDuckGo exclusively for almost a month.

  • Create a Ubunutu 20.04 VM
  • Run the following commands via SSH

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

sudo ee site create –type=wp –admin-user=admin –admin-pass=password

sudo ee site update –ssl=le
//for SSL

Smart Agriculture Project uses agricultural robot based on machine learning to address three main issues

1) Over watering,

2) Early identification of plant diseases and

3) Efficient monitoring of farms.

In agriculture fields, lack of proper monitoring results in low yields and unpredictable revenue. Lack of early detection of crop diseases, destroys the plants and do not leave enough time to take preventive measures. In India, 30% of crops are destroyed due to plant diseases and almost 50% water is wasted due to over watering.

This solution uses machine learning algorithms, camera and 7 different sensors to monitor the fields, automate the watering of plants and detect 19 different types of crop diseases.

Along with that it uses historical data like irrigation, which crop is planted,etc to predict which crop is most suitable for the agricultural field.

Originally published at on May 2, 2020.


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