Disastrous impact of Education Industry on Inspiration in Students

I went to Random Word Generator and got these words

The topic I came up with : Disastrous impact of education Industry on Inspiration of students

What exactly is Inspiration?

anything that drives one to do, create, endeavor, begin or develop some pursuit, skill, art or start with a fire or do something creative

This might just be me living in India complaining about the current Education System

How is the Modern Education Industry impacting it?

According to me, the modern schooling /tuition /coaching industry is negatively impacting students in having that inspiration, that DESIRE to start something new or peruse a particular hobby.

Active engagement with learning and other extracurricular activities is necessary for developing interest in learning and actually develop curiosity in the students to research further and engage with the topic which I feel is missing from modern textbook-based solve 10000 questions type of learning…

A class discussion of ongoing topics in the world and the impact on them is also essential in developing proper up to date knowledge of any topic. The curriculum in 🏫is generally pretty outdated and not fun to learn… Resigning it with modern information and methods of learning is essential for developing an inspiration to write on it explore more about it or starting a podcast 🎤or something.

Discussion and healthy debates are also some of the most important aspects of a classroom… But with vast amounts of the syllabus to cover it’s extremely difficult to have ANY kind of healthy discussions with teachers and fellow peers on a particular topic.

There should be more application-based learning. Rather than just learn the concepts 📚 and figure out what to do, students should be given projects and encouragement to apply the concepts that they have learned into real-world🗺️ use cases!

What I think should be done

This is also more of what I think should be done from class 9/10 onwards

The curriculum that is taught should be more focused. Rather than bombarding students with all the concepts, they should have the option to focus on just one subtopic for an entire year. (Example — Instead of learning everything in Maths in Class 11 and 12 there should be an option to just learn Geometry the entire year and be thorough in it)

A lot of assignments and research-based projects should be given and have a higher priority to engross the student in learning about the topic more and its applications⚙.

The mentality of people that their students need to learn a lot of things practice 50 Million Questions to get into good universities needs to go, and the Universities should also be encouraging students to focus on doing research and be good at a field they are pursuing.

Healthy Debates among students along with teachers is also essential along with regular quizzes and current world scenario-based discussions.


The Education Industry does hamper students’ creativity. With a lot of syllabus to complete and 50 thousand questions that need to be completed, the student does not get enough time to work on a particular subject that fascinates the student.

He/She doesn’t hence feel the need to do further research and enjoy the learning process, but rather score marks.

This makes it very difficult to get that inspiration to learn anything, and if learning is boring then a hobby, writing stories/poems, a new project, or a podcast is just too non-fulfilling for them.

Originally published on January 3, 2021.



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