Homeopathy — Health or Hoax

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How it works

Homeopathy is fundamentally based on following main principles:

  • A Single Remedy
    Another principle is that at a time only one remedy can be given. Otherwise, the response would be unpredictable and ambiguous, they think.
    Considering that those Expensive 💰💰medications need to be taken for a very long time, one cannot say if this is just an 🏧ATM for the “doctors”.
    Also this is given in small dozes to prevent side-effects and maximize its efficacy.
  • Potentization
    The Homeopathic remedies that are made from plants, flowers, minerals, etc. are manufactured unlike anything else. They are diluted to such a massive extent that there are probably only a few hundred molecules of the medications in the entire 30C diluted vile.
    This extreme dilution makes the medication ineffective in all practical sense.
  • Water has Memory 🤯
    Homeopaths use extreme potency as discussed earlier this means there is absolutely NO original molecules (statistically). So, the homeopaths say that water has memory of its source and how it is “brewed” — which is and does sound extremely absurd and surreal.
Think about it — “Water has memory” 😆

It Still Works

As I mentioned, scientifically the medications and the whole “Homeopathy” is just a big scam, promising that the “medicines” will cure genetic disease or cancer and stuff! Which FYI it doesn’t.

Another thought 💭

Another reason, why Homeopathy is still effective is also because of the doctors… In the current medical world, most doctors are profit driven and try to maximize their number of patients. On the other hand, homeopathic doctors talk with the patient very calmly, try to understand them and give mental support.



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